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Garter Belts/Set

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Garter Belt Sets in Los Angeles

If you are shopping for garter belt sets in Los Angeles it helps to know what you are looking for. Garter belt sets are not as common as they once were. People don’t need to wear a garter set anymore in order to wear stockings. Now a days most people were them because they feel sexy in them, not because they need to wear them.

So, what is a garter belt? A garter belt is a thin belt that is worn around the waist. It has straps that hang from it. The straps are called garters. The straps clasp on to stockings to keep them from falling down. Typically, the back of a garter is adjustable so it can fit different sizes of waists. The garter straps are also adjustable so they can accommodate different lengths.

Finding the right garter belt can be tricky. This is particularly true if you are thick around the waist. If you have a thicker waist a garter belt may feel uncomfortable. Garter belts are made for use with thigh high stockings. They make thigh high stockings that stay up on their own now, but they don’t stay up as good as they do when you use a garter.

The other benefit of wearing garter belts is the sex appeal. They look sexy on and they make you feel sexier when you wear them. It is best to match you garter to your bra and underwear so it goes together like it is a set. You can buy garters in almost any color.