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Sexy Stockings for Women

There are many different kinds of sexy stockings for women. You can buy stockings in different colors. You can buy stockings made from different materials. For so long women have used stockings to make their legs look more appealing. Stockings have evolved over the years and now we have so many choices.

Seamed Stockings
Seamed stockings have a seam that runs up the middle of the stocking. These stockings are great for making the legs look slimmer. They look especially good in darker colors like black or navy.

Fishnet Stockings
Fishnet stockings are not as popular as other varieties of stockings, but they definitely have their place in the world of fashion. The diamond pattern on fishnet stockings makes your legs look longer and more muscular. If you are looking for a sexy stocking, you can’t go wrong with the fishnet stocking. You can wear fishnet stockings over a solid color pair of stockings to create a multidimensional effect.

Garter Stockings
Before the invention of pantyhose and stay-up stockings, garter stockings were the standard. Garter stockings are still worn today. They look really sexy on and they are functional if you want to wear knee highs. Lace top garter stockings are really popular and they look great on.

Control Top
If you aren’t in perfect shape you can look like you are with a pair of control top panty hose. They smooth out lumps and bumps to give you a sleek silhouette. They come in a variety of colors including nude and black.