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Most people wear the same kind of underwear their whole life. That means that there is probably a lot of people wearing underwear that don't fit them correctly. Your panties shouldn't scratch, pinch or look unflattering. Before you shop for online women's panties it helps to have a guide to choosing the right ones.

Chose Fashion and Function
You don't have to sacrifice function for fashion. The fact is, there are plenty of panties that are both fashionable and comfortable. If a pair of underwear looks great on the hanger, but it doesn't look good on you should avoid buying it. Avoid underwear that sits tight against your skin or feels itchy.

Get the Right Size
Comfort is a bout fit before all else. If your underwear pinches, pulls, squashes or rides up it is going to be unpleasant to wear them. Nobody knows what size underwear you are wearing so its best to get the size that fits you best. In fact, if your panties are too small they will make you look heavier because you will have bulges and lumps.

Look for Quality Fabrics
Fabric can directly contribute to a pair of underwear feeling uncomfortable. Fabric can also contribute to a pair of under looking ill fitting. You don't want to choose fabrics that will make you sweat, feel scratchy or not breathe. Look for panties made out of cotton, Lycra, Microfiber, bamboo, and cashmere. You can also choose nylons that feel silky and high-quality polyesters. Silks and stains are a nice choice, but they are harder to care for.

Sexy Panties in Los Angeles

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