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Thigh High

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Thigh High Stockings

If you like the way stockings make your legs look but, you don’t want to wear a complete pair of pantyhose you are not alone. Many women like the way stockings make their legs look, but they hate the extra layer of fabric from pantyhose. Thigh high stockings are the solution for you. They make your legs look great but they don’t cover your leg from toe to butt. The following tips will help you rock your thigh high stockings.

Clean Them
Thigh high stockings have a silicone band at the edge that helps them stay up. It is advisable to wipe that band with a damp wash cloth after each use. This will remove sweat and debris so you thigh stockings continue to stay thigh high each time you wear them.

Keep Clean
You want to avoid wearing lotion or other moisturizing products on your legs when you are wearing thigh highs. This will cause them to become slippery and fall down. If you already have lotion on when you put your thigh highs on, try and sprinkle a little bit of powder around the upper edge of your thigh highs. This will help keep them from falling down.

Garter Belts
If you don’t like the kind of thigh highs that stay up on their own you can still wear thigh highs. You can wear a garter belt and attach thigh highs to the garter belt. You don’t have to worry about your thigh highs falling down when you wear a garter belt. Plus, garter belts are very sexy!