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Women Waist Shaper

If you are looking for a women waist shaper you are not alone. Waist shapers have seen a huge bump in popularity in recent months. People wear them to train their waist to look smaller. They also wear them under garments to slim out their physique. Before you go out and buy shapewear use the following tips to get the most for your money.

Identify a Problem
Different types of shapewear are made to correct different problems. For instance, thigh shapers are made to slim the legs and butt. Waist shapers smooth out the torso and help you achieve the coveted hourglass figure. You can buy a waist shaper that has a bra attached to it or you can buy one that just covers the waist. They also make waist shapers that are shorts that shape the butt, legs and waist.

Full Body Shapers
If you want a shaper that fixes your whole body including your waist you should pick it based on your bra size. These shapers are known as all-in-one shaper garments. The offer coverage from bum to bust.

If you want to buy a waist shaper that just shapes your waist you need to know the right panty size. To know the right panty size you need to know your hip and waist measurements. Once you know these measurements you can look up whether you are a small, medium or large in panty size.

Select Control Level
Waist shapers come in different levels of control. You can get light control to firm control. Lighter shapewear is more comfortable, but it isn’t going to radically change the way you look when you are wearing it.