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Women's Costumes

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Bedroom Cop
Camo Roxie
Extra Credit Kit
Hero Girl
Naughty Nurse Kit
Pimpin' Pretty
Ravishing Royal Guard
Rockalicious Devil
Rockalicious Jailbird
Sexy Policewoman
She's My Hero
Two-Faced Kitty

Women’s Halloween Costumes

If you are looking for women’s Halloween costumes, you have many options. Women can dress up as something scary, something sexy or something funny. Most women lean towards wearing a sexy Halloween costume. The following is a list of the sexiest women’s Halloween costumes.

Okay let’s face it nurses in today’s era wear scrubs and scrubs are only sexy to a select few. On Halloween you can dress as an old school nurse with the little white mini dress. Make sure to wear the cute little hat with the outfit too. Complete the look with a pair of white thigh high stockings.

French Maid
Most maids don’t dress sexy on the job. If they do have a uniform, it is usually more functional than it is sexy. However, a French maid costume is way sexy. It comes with a little black mini dress and has a frilly white apron. You can complete the look with a feather duster and a pair of fish net stockings.

Black Cat
You can really amp up the sex appeal if you dress like a black cat. You can wear a black body suit that hugs all your curves. To make it sexier consider wearing a leather or vinyl body suit. WEatr a pair of black high heels, cat ears and a tail.

If you like the color red this is a good costume for you. You can wear a red body suit or a cute little red dress. If you wear a dress wear a pair of red thigh high stockings with your costume. Wear devil ears and carry a pitch fork.